Friday, December 3, 2010

Updated Greek Situation

Here is an update that was posted on the CEV

Hellenic Volleyball League President, Pantelis Tornatoros, announcing the suspension of the national league 

Men’s national league in Greece suspended indefinitely

News from the National Federations

Athens, Greece, December 2, 2010. The Hellenic Volleyball League has suspended the 2010/2011 Men’s A1 competition as it was announced at a press conference staged this afternoon. The HVL President, Mr. Pantelis Tornatoros, cited financial difficulties and the delayed payment of €100,000 to each of the clubs by the state.“This is not a cancellation, but a postponement, of the league until we can sort things out with the Under-Secretary of Sports, Giorgos Nikitiadis,” said Mr. Tornatoros at the press conference. “But under the current conditions we just cannot continue”. 
“We are not threatening nor blackmailing anyone. All we want is a clear-cut reply from the government on its position concerning the financial support of the League clubs”. 
According to Mr. Tornatoros all of the clubs have included the state subsidies in their 2010/2011 budgets, following a promise by the government last summer that the conditions of the previous years would be retained for the current season.
Eighty per cent of the subsidies go to the players, with most of the rest covering travel expenses of the teams, Mr. Tornatoros was quoted as saying.
“We are living through a period of intense financial and social crisis with serious consequences on sports in Greece,” commented the President of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation, Achilleas Mavromatis, following the League’s announcement. “The request of the HVL to continue under the current financial conditions is only fair considering we are midway through the season - even though this may be in conflict with the government’s intentions. This far into the season the clubs have already closed their budgets,” added Mr. Mavromatis.
Mr. Mavromatis expressed hope that the government will eventually take into consideration the situation at this specific time in the season and will revert to the previous status. “Meanwhile, we strongly urge both sides to start working together on setting up institutional changes that are necessary for Greek sports to survive under the current financial situation,” concluded the HVBF President. 
The suspension comes after completion of six rounds of play, with PAOK THESSALONIKI leading the table with 17 points and followed by Panathinaikos ATHENS with 14. Round seven, scheduled for next weekend, has been postponed indefinitely.

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