Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Greek situation and economy

Here is what I understand so far.  Almost all of the teams are having money issues.  The teams made contracts with players before having money from sponsors 100% dialed in.  A lot of these sponsors pulled back on their words because they were not sure how their business was going to stand up through the economy and left the teams high and dry.  A handful of lucky players have collected their full salaries up until this point in time.  The clubs/organizations are doing their best to keep a peace of mind during these tough times by saying they haven't received the money that is allocated to each team from the Greek Government.  The Government usually gives a sum of 150,000 Euro to each team to help the league stay in business.  I might be a little off on this number but I am pretty sure this is right.  And as of last night the Federation is going on strike until they get the money from the Government.  The Government does not have this money and therefor the trickle down effect comes into play with the clubs and the players and coaches.

Our last match with Aris

Iraklis Team

This is what is happening in short.  I am not sure what is going to happen with our club and if the money from the Government will ever come.  To be honest I am very worried about the situation here in Greece and how it is going to effect Brett and I.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hang in there guys, hopefully something good will come along in the meantime. Just don't forget to pack up the good Ikea stuff! Love you.

  2. The Greek government is broke. Following soon: Ireland, then Portugal, then Spain. If you can get a team in Germany you'll be safe but I'd make other plans. I can't imagine this money is on the list of creditors (Germany being the #1 driver in lending over there).

    Sorry compadre. Hope it works out for you guys.

  3. things will get better bb and bbq! endless hugs! -Ace

  4. Be patient mate, stay in Iraklis. In a week the championship will start again.

    solo ira

  5. Hi Brook
    Greetings from Istanbul, Fenerbahçe :)

    Hope things goes better there and you can play without problems in mind. You are playing at the city where modern Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born in, must be a nice city, and almost similar cultures as Turks.

    It was a pity we couldn't celebrate championship at your times here cause our setter Arslan Eksi had been injured at final series. But the next season after that another American Gabriel Gardner was luckier than you to see championship and celebrating with thousands of supporters :)

    This season our team didnt start very well although the spectacular transfers and we reminded you with some friends, that it was also a bad season start but you and the team have reached top of form graphics at playoffs until the unlucky injury...

    Anyway take care, regards to you and your wife.

  6. Couple notes (To the best of my knowledge):

    Most teams start season without money in pocket from contracts with sponsors.. In Greece this is very much the case. Some of these contracts are multi-year of course. The crisis coupled with the govt's decision to tax business wishing to give sponsorship money to anyone an extra 20-40%!!!! has killed many businesses possibilites to fulfill contracts if they wish to stay legal with tax payments. This is why most pulled out.

    GOVT: The Ministry of Sports has a annual budget for all sports that are national and professional. For volleyball they for sure have only a 100,000Euro commitment yearly. This money comes in two installments per year. Last year they didn't give the second half when the big news of Greece's debt hit. All summer they promised the necessary signatures wee coming and in Oct the most important one was said to have happened but STILL no money. They promised this year's 100K would show up too and now they are late on the 1st installment of 10/11.

    Lottery Sponsor: OPAP is the national lottery and they give somewhere between 40-50,000euro annually to each team. This money has been showing up still from what I understand.

    So our insurance is the GOVT's money but our real money comes from the sponsors. Since we lost 50% of them now they are waiting on this BG investor to agree to all the terms to big a HUGE infusion of money. This is our best and practically only lucrative hope if we stay. Shame.

    Still i can't help to feel like we're in a sinking ship with all us foreigners screaming "ABANDON SHIP!"