Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Game 7 - Epikorous

So after the league went on strike for a week, we resumed play this past weekend.  We picked up where we left off, which means we played the match that we missed...delaying the league another week.  From my understanding the Gov singed the papers of their agreement to give each team the 100,000 euros for the season...which comes in two installments of 50k euros.  Seems a lot of the teams are still waiting for the 2nd payment from last season however.  Who knows?

After almost 2 weeks with only training we won our match with Epikorous 3-1.  We should had won 3-0 as we were up 22-18 and rolling in the 3rd set leading the match 2-0.  At 22-18 our coach decided to give our second setter a chance to play but it turned out to be a bad decision.  In defense to Stelios, our second setter, it was not his fault at all.  Any athlete knows that coming off the bench after standing around for 1 hour is a difficult task.  He came in ice cold (yes, the gym was freezing) and prob a little surprised to be put in.  After they scored 1 point on us our team got shook.  He gave me a good set at 22-21 from position 4 but I wanted to put it away for him so bad that I made an error and hit it in the net.  Needles to say, Epikorous made run at us and we weren't able to finish out the set.  We took care of it in the 4 set however...which I am happy with the way our team responded.

Another thing I want to mention is all the junk in the newspapers and news.  In my opinion there are a lot of RUMORS circulating about all players.  Every day I hear about someone who is leaving or already left and then I find out that he is still there and this and that.  I think the journalists from each team are just trying to stir the pot and be on the story first...but it is all speculation.  Everyone knows the situation here in Greece is bad...please don't try and make it worse.

Here are some pic's I was sent from the internet of our last match.

After 7 matches our team is in 3rd place with 16 points.  The 1st and 2nd place teams are tied with 17 points so we are in a good spot.  We still need to play both Paok and Panathanikos.  


  1. Congratulations Brook! All the fans are aware of the situation and you got our support.
    We know that we have a really good team and that you guys can achieve great results this year. So, keep up the good work and eventually everything will be fine!!

  2. We gotta get another win on Sat. See you there!

  3. Keep up the good job! You are doing great!
    We hope you will stay in Iraklis!!!
    It's gonna be great in Champions League next year!