Friday, December 3, 2010

If we had our pick for...

     If these people were on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, Brett and I would watch every episode.  Some of them are people that we can't stand.  Some of them are people who we love and some of them are just plain entertaining!  In no particular order our dream Dancing with the Stars cast...


Lindsay Lohan
...because she is a fucking mess!  And it would be awesome to see her fail at life in a different way.

Russell Brand
 ...because he'll bring a little bit of a raunchy element to the show and it will be fun to try and decipher what he is saying.  Plus he's kinda funny.

Lil Wayne
...because he's the "thuggiest" person we could think of.  It brings a different element to the show.

Lamar Odom
...because he is our favorite Laker and Brett loves Khloe.  

Tiger Woods 
...because he needs to win something in the near future.  He'd probably fail here also though.

Zach Galifianakis
...because he RULES!

Sean Rooney

....because he is one of the most entertaining people to watch dance and he's so tall it would be funny to see who they'd partner him up with.  

Perez Hilton
...because it would finally put him in a place of others judging him while in the spotlight.  

George W Bush
...because he is hilarious and Brett wonders if he would get as many votes as Bristol Palin.

...because who doesn't need a little snooki from time to time?  It would be entertaining to watch her roll around on the dance floor.

Sofia Vergara
...because everything out of her mouth is amazing and we think she has a nice rack.  Plus she is gorgeous.

Snoop Dogg
...because why not?


  1. This is like a season overload. I don't think tv can handle it. Haha.
    I think Odom and Rooney should do a Dance face off.

  2. you forgot the best dancer you know!

  3. who is the best dancer I know?