Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Story of our Engagement.

The best decision I have ever made.  On Monday the 23rd of May I took Brett to get a couples massage which I lead her to believe was a belated birthday present (her bday was May 16th) at the Bacara Resort up here in Santa Barbara.  After our massage we had planned to have a couple drinks at one of the bars on the resort but I asked her if she wanted to take a walk down to the beach where I had planned on having a picnic set up with flowers, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries through the Bacara staff with a lot of help from my sister.  My sister had messaged me saying that it was all set up and ready to go as I was getting dressed from the massage.  

Now I didn't really know the layout of the resort so I wasn't sure where to lead us...just thought head towards the ocean through the pool.  I asked direction but I think I blacked out from being nervous :-/  and couldn't comprehend anything.  As we started walking down we got lost and had to ask directions again.  It took us about 10 minutes to find the beach area where I thought was the spot where the picnic was going to be set up.  When we showed up there wasn't anything there so we stared at the ocean for a second as I tried to figure out where it might be...all in mind that I had tucked the box with the ring in my belt line so Brett wouldn't notice the bulge sticking out from my pocket.  Not an easy task walking around with it all the while being nervous.  I asked Brett if she wanted to walk to the other side of the resort to see the beach....another 15 minutes away.  We got to the other side and the picnic was not over there either...panic starting to kick in.  Now I figured Brett knew I was distracted and looking for something so I mentioned to her that I had "one more little surprise for you and I'm trying to find it".  I almost called my sister to figure it out but didn't want to blow it so I just asked her to go back to the other side.  There was a bridge we had to walk across and it had a very romantic setting where I almost dropped to my knee then...but didn't.  

As we approached the area where I originally thought was the right spot I noticed two staff members setting up the picnic.  I guess we were just a little earlier then they expected.  I told Brett it was her second surprise for her bday again.  As she got down onto the blanket that had been laid down I figured it was a good time to get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.  At this point the ring had slipped into my underwear after the long walk :)  I think we both blacked out a little bit and I'm pretty sure I stumbled my words in happiness.  She said YES!!!  and we toasted with a bottle of Vueve that went down in about 10 minutes.  It was the happiest moment of my life to date and I can't wait for what lies ahead of us.  

On a side note:  I had my mom take Brett and I to get a manicure and pedicure before hand because I knew we would want to take pictures of the ring and didn't want Brett to have f'd up nails :)