Friday, December 31, 2010

Game 10 - Paok

We remain in the first spot of the Greek League with 25 total points after beating Paok 3-0 at home this past Wednesday night.  Paok has been at the top of the league since it started back in November.  Our friend Jonathan Winder, setter for the US National Team, plays for Paok and has been on top of his game this season.  They also have two foreign outside hitters from Brazil and Croatia maybe.  They have both been playing well this season.  The also have an opposite from Estonia who is probably 6'9" or so but a little young and still learning the game.

Our gym was packed for the match.  It was the most people I've seen at one of our games yet.  It was a really nice environment as the fans from each section were yelling back and forth in unison.  They were definitely our 7th player.  From the very beginning of the match they were cheering and very load.

We won the first set fairly convincingly with pressure from the service line and Kostas, our setter, running an offense that their block could not figure out.  Our middles were up on time and were unstoppable through out the match as well.

During the second set I went up for a block and felt a pinch in my spine.  When I landed I could not stand up straight or move without feeling pain.  I had to take myself out of the match and try to stretch it out.  It didn't work and it didn't matter as our guys rallied together and won the set with some great serving from our older middle Kravarik.

The 3rd set, I was watching from the bench, we could tell that Paok was done mentally.  They made some runs behind some strong serving but our team countered with some good blocking and defense.  Ryan and Rodrigo both played great and brought a lot of energy to the game.  Boco (Kravarik) and Kostas were both amazing all match as well.  Makis, middle blocker, put away some very difficult balls from off the net.  He jumps so well and can hit both directions that he is a very valuable asset to our offense.  Him and Kostas have a great connection.  Labis, our libero, played a very solid match as well.  He is our rock in most matches.

Here are some pic's from the match



Here is a short video of the match sent to me via Dimitris Iordanopoulos
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  1. Brook I wish you quick recovery!
    We want you back as soon as possible for the second round.
    The season's end is gonna be epic.

    All the best and a Happy New Year

  2. "POAK" !!! Not enough beating them 3-0, you have to rub it in by mis-spelling their name too? (;-)
    Good job IRA !!!

  3. This is a great video summary of the match.....I like it but I dislike the "hurt" part.

  4. Happy New Year !!!

  5. Happy new year!!! and I've corrected their team name...sawry