Monday, November 8, 2010

The Amazing Race - My thoughts

Brett and I have been following season 17 of "The Amazing Race" because we wanted to see how we would match up if we went on it.  Each episode I've formed my own opinion on the teams personalities. These people:

"Nick & Vicki"
Dumbest and Nick is an insecure PUNK

"Chad and Stephanie"
Chad is going to propose to her on this show apparently but I would be surprised if she said "yes".  He kind of bashes her but I have to give them credit for sticking it out and trying to work together.  

"Rachel and Katy"
Never heard of beach volleyball players from Fl who talked smack on the other teams the entire show.  We were stoked they lost!

Watermelon "right in the kisser" - The best part of the show so far!

Our favorite team was eliminated last episode so now we are going to root for everyone other than team "Nick and Vicki" and team "Chad and Stephanie".  If you watch the show who do you root for?  Check out Brett's blog here to see what she has to say about our favorite teams.  

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  1. those three teams suuuuck ass. thank god those volley losers are off i seriously could not stand to watch them anymore.