Monday, November 29, 2010

Game 6 - Aris vs Iraklis

We had another match this past weekend.  In attendance were some special fans from home.  Brett's sister Casey and her boyfriend Joey were in town for Thanksgiving through the weekend.  We had such an amazing time with them and Joey is still being brought up by guys on our team for being the best fan in the gym.

On a volleyball note we played what was considered a derby match.  We had a one point lead in the league on Aris and needed win.  Also, there was a lot of chatter in the locker room in the week leading up to the match regarding an incident last season with this team.  Apparently the opposite for Aris, who was the captain of the national team of Greece, played for Aries last season as well.  In the playoffs our team, Iraklis, was leading 2 sets to 0 when this guy must had done something really bad to piss off our fans.  One of the fans threw a bottle at the guy which hit him in the elbow.  The story goes that he was hit by a bottle and reacted like a soccer player by saying that he could play anymore and the referee forfeited the match due to it.  THIS is the reason our team finished as low as they did last season.  In other words the fans were out for revenge and a lot of them showed up.  It was a nice atmosphere in our gym.

The first set was a battle which went back and forth but Iraklis pulled out the victory 31-29.  To be honest I felt that we were and are a way better team but we kept them in the game with a lot of missed serves.  That first set set the tone of the match however.

The second and third set both teams exchanged leads back and forth through the 2nd technical timeout at 16-15.  Then our team decided that we could put pressure on them with our serve and defense.  We outplayed them at the end and won 3-0 fairly easy.  It was a great win for our team and a nice win in front of our fans.

A friend on facebook sent me an email with some video from a few of our previous matches with Aries, Kalamaria and Lamia.  I will post them up on here for you all to see.

The weather doesn't feel like Christmas but we have lights up in our living room and a small Christmas tree...Some neighbors have started to put up lights as well.  Its going to be a great Christmas!

Here is a link to our last home match with Kalamaria:

and here is the link to a previous match we had with Lamia:

We are now 4-2 and are sitting in 3rd place of the Greek championship.

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