Wednesday, November 3, 2010

last week

Our last match has kind of put our team into whirl wind mode.  We played our second match last Sat night against the team Kifisia.  In the lose our team did not produce anything and I have to say I'm very disappointed in my own playing.  The feeling on the court was that we should be winning easy but it wasn't happening so we all tried to make "extra" effort which would lead to errors...22 service errors for the match.  We almost gave them one ENTIRE set from the service line.  I believe the scores were 25-20, 26-24, 20-25, 25-20.  The second set could had gone either way but the referee was God awful.  We had just tied the score at 24-24 and they sided out to go up 1.  We called a substitution and had 5 guys on the court when the ref blew the the middle of the play I swear we had 7 guys on the court because no one knew where we were supposed to be.  And they let it slide!!!!  The other team won the point and the set was over but I'm telling you I've never seen anything like that.

*I got a yellow card in that set around the 20 point mark which I'm not proud of.

After our match there was an yelling altercation between one of the fans and our coaching staff.  I'm sad to say that our coach decided to quit that night and we have to continue on with our third coach Freddy Brooks.  I really am sad at our coaches decision because I respect him as a coach and a person.  He also took away our second coach Demetri as they are very loyal to each other.  They were two people that made me and Brett really love it here when we got here.  And I feel a little bit responsible for their decision to leave the team as I could had played so much better and turned the situation around....EVERY THING IS BETTER WHEN YOU WIN.  I can only respect their decisions and look forward to the future of our team in a positive way.  I hope to stay in contact with both of them.

We have training tonight at 4pm and then off to the airport for our match tomorrow night in Athens against one of the better teams in the league....Olympiacos.  I hope our team can find enough energy to come out and play tomorrow.  We are still missing 3 middles and have our 3rd or 4th OH playing the second middle role...He just came back from double knee surgery also.

Keep your fingers crossed!  Maybe your toes too!


PS...Our woman's team is 4-0 out in Japan!  Lindsey Berg holding it down.  Lets show some support!

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