Sunday, September 26, 2010

USA vs Mex went to five sets. After losing the first two sets team USA seemed to pull their sh*t together and clean it up. And we all know that anything can happen in the fifth set...proud of the guys for keeping their heads up and pulling it out. I wasn't able to watch it online as the feed was messed up but I was able to watch the live scoring on FIVB.ORG. Not the same but sufficient enough. From what I hear Roo and Clay both played well.

On another note our team had a scrimmage match last night against another team from here in Thessaloniki. We also had a five game thriller ;) with a crowd attendance of 40+. After the match we stuck around the gym with both teams for a small BBQ and beer. Its always nice to meet players from other teams to build your opinion of them in a different manor other than that of in a competitive environment. See them with their wives and children.

Brett and I decided to call it an early night like the old couple we are. It was really nice just to lay in bed and watch the Bama vs Ark game on our slingbox...thanks to Damien Scott for letting us hook it up to his TV back in Hermosa. For those of you who don't know about a slingbox it is a must have for playing oversea's. It allows you to watch live TV from your computer anywhere in the world. You just need to set it up to a TV which is not frequently used and has paid cable. Its still not that great as it gets choppy and you need a good internet connection but it still gives you something to enjoy.

Today has been a lazy day as Brett and I opened the double doors to our patio and enjoyed a nice breeze through our house as we each took up a spot on the either couch to read our book. We have both been reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and are pretty into it. Now we are packed up and heading out the door to check out the Iraklis football/soccer match! Hella Iraklis!!! They are in first place after 3 games as of now.

Will try to take some pics and post later.

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