Wednesday, September 22, 2010

morning world.  another rough wake up.  Every time I step out of bed in the morning I curse my muscles for being sore...especially the bottom of my feet.  Time to get some new shoes but for those of you who have played in Europe we all know how hard it is to find a good pair of playing shoes.

Really looking forward to getting home for one of my best friends weddings on Oct 2nd.  I actually set Peter and Annie up our freshman year at USC.  I can't tell you how honored and excited I am that I was asked to be in the wedding party.  This is the first time that I will be able to be home for such an honor.  I have been to plenty of summer weddings and have been invited to be in some weddings but they never worked out.  I couldn't be happier for my two friends and Brett and I are so excited to celebrate their special day with them.

8 days till come and counting!


  1. is it tough to find ice over there to ease those sore muscles?...I've heard it can be hard to come by, which would be frustrating as hell for an elite athlete training their butts off!

  2. let us know which shoes you buy or recommend...I'm looking for a pair of good court shoes right now too

  3. The Ice is limited and I didn't bring my own ice bags out...ordered some of the body glove ones online and had them shipped to our house in Hermosa. Our club is fortunate enough to have an ice machine this season but yeah i've played in plenty of clubs where ice is hard to come is my friend!

    As for shoes...I prefer to play in high tops or mid tops from Nike. I LOVE the NIKE ZOOM BB as they are made out of leather and really mold to the foot. I need the high tops for the ankle support. I feel Nike's last the longest as well as have the best comfort. They are a basketball shoe but there are not a lot of volleyball shoes out there. Asic makes a good high top as well however.