Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting excited to follow the USA team compete in Italy for the world championships. They are in a pool with Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina. Should be a breeze but our team has a fresh look from 08 and a new coach. Really looking forward to watching Roo establish himself as one of the best OH's in the world...He can really turn it on when he wants to. I've never seen someone so athletic that understands sports so well. Not just volleyball but if you ever have the chance to watch baseball, basketball or golf with him he will point out tactics that you never even thought of. And you've never seen anyone dominate a Rubik's Cube like him either. Hands down the best in the world at "Wheels of Fortune" as well. He could stop playing volleyball and be the next Ken Jennings...although I did see someone beat Ken's single day winnings a little over a week ago.

I really hope Clay brings his A game to this tourney as well. When he is on the game is over. Just be glad he is an American and not a Canadian where he was born! (that was for you Steam...if you are reading this).

I'm sure I will be following through Volleywood on facebook as Ace really does have the best coverage of what is going on. If you don't know about it yet go ahead and add Volleywood on facebook. It really does have a good connection for players and fans!

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  1. Well Hello There Mr Brook Billings! Thanks for the Shout Out! Facebook Search: VOLLEYWOOD. We're going Full Force for this event! Hugz bb!