Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Its been a while since I've posted much about volleyball.  To be honest after our lose in the cup finals I went into internet hibernation.  Yeah, we lost the cup 1-3 in front of a lot of our fans and supporters.  I/We did not play our best volleyball and folded when ever we had chances.  It was a hard match to swallow.  Since then we have played our last 3 regular season matches.  We had to face the then #2 team in the league Panathanikos at home in Thessaloniki.  We knew it was important to bounce back from the embarrassing lose and get a W and maintain the 1st position in the league standings.  We came out on fire and never looked back winning the match 3-0.  We still had plenty of fans in attendance which was nice to know that some of them were still with us.

The second to last match was against Paok at their gym.  Their gym is only 5 minutes away and they were not allowed to have fans due to our last meeting when they were throwing explosives and bottles at our team.  Still our team came out flat in the first set and we lost pretty easy.  The 2nd and 3rd set were all ours as we looked like the team that we can be.  In the 4th set we also played at a really nice pace and looked like we had the match in control until they got a couple serving runs on us and took the lead.  We weren't able to turn it around and they beat us.  In the 5th set they were in control most of the set but we came back to 13-13 only to lose 13-15.  It was hard to swallow as it was the first time Paok had beaten Iraklis in 7 years.  Of course none of us knew that until the news papers mentioned it the next day.

Our last match was with Alexandropolis.  We only had to win 1 point from the match but came out with some aggression and won the match easy 3-0.  It was a nice win for us as well as a good chance for some of they guys that don't get to play us much to get in.

Now we are in the semi finals vs Paok as we finished the reg season in 1st place and they finished 4th.  The other semi's is between Olympiacos and Panathanikos.  First round is best 2 of 3 as the finals will be the best 3 of 5.  I'm excited to get this going and have another shot at winning something here in Greece. It has been a long season and our team has worked so hard every day that we deserve to reach our goal of the Championship at the end of the season!

The final league standings:

Some shots from the Iraklis vs Panathanikos match as well


  1. Let's G.I.D. and get the heck outta dodge. I need that bonus. ;P

  2. brook try to stop the float servis.not for you but all the other guys playing with float servis.in my opinion the cup lost with this tactic ..we believe in you and all the team ! ira gera