Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We won our last semi final match almost 2 weeks ago and have been hanging out waiting for the finals to start this wedn April 27th.  Excited to get it started!  Yesterday we only had morning training so Brett and I took Herc for a little trip down to Perea (or what we think is Perea Beach) for a little walk.  It was not all that hot outside but Herc didn't care all that much.  He loves the sand and ocean...but not in the way you would think.  He was eating the sand and drinking the sea water every chance he got!  

So today, Easter Sunday, I woke up to the Easter Bunny leaving us lots of little chocolate treats and a picture of himself :)  Also, we finally got to open up the card my left for us while she was on her trip here visiting.  Here are some pic's of yesterdays trip.

Today we are heading to a friends house out in the country to eat lamb and relax.  The weather is finally starting to get really nice and our friend Panos has a bunch of dogs for Herc to play with.  I'm excited to see him interact with other pups.  More pic's to come of course.

Mom's Easter card

The red poppy's outside our house are so pretty

Herc loves the Poppy's too

Trying to jump out the car window on the way to Perea

Local fisherman

Herc sighting 

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