Friday, March 4, 2011

League update - Aris match

Last weekend we played Aris in a league match.  After beating them the first round 3-0 and in the quarter finals of cup 3-0, I think we went into the match a little too relaxed.  Not to mention we had some guys that have been battling fevers and stomach viruses for the past couple weeks.  We also had to play this match at Aris.  Their gym has a bright yellow court and low ceiling.  We did not have a morning training session there due to it being about 30 minutes outside the city.

In the first set we came out incredibly flat going down 11-18.  We couldn't do anything right up through this point.  We made a big run at them with some strong serves and our block/defense.  We fought back and took the set 25-23 I believe.

Thinking that would crush their moral in the second set we came out flat again.  We went down early and battled back to 20-20 but then the game got heated and they gained some confidence with strong serves and our mistakes.  They took the set 25-21 I believe.

I don't remember much about the 3rd set except that they beat us pretty handedly.  The entire match was just uncomfortable on our side.  And in the 4th set we were playing not to lose instead of winning which in my opinion is putting a monkey on your own back.  We fought hard through the entire set and gained a nice lead at 24-22.  They sided out for a 24-23 but we called a time out so we could focus on finishing the point.  They made a good dig on us but their setter stepped under the net and was called for it.  We took the set and evened the match at 2-2.

In the 5th set they came out on fire and served their way to 4-0 and 5-1.  I think we switched sides at 8-3.  They played well all the way up till 13-9 and then Ryan made some really key serves as well as our block/defense.  We came back and took the set 15-13!

The last month our team has been playing at our worst.  We have still been winning so it gives us a lot of confidence.  We just need to find our groove again and start playing to our capabilities!

Here are some pic's from the match

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