Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are some thoughts I have been meaning to jot down for some time.  I don't really know who this will help and if anyone is really reading this.  Anyhow, here it goes.  Playing volleyball over sea's is full of positives and negatives...just like every thing in life I suppose.  I think the easiest way to get through the negatives is to focus on the positives and realized that the opportunity I have been given is incredible.  It really is an amazing experience to be able to live and soak up another country's culture.

Again these are just notes so this entry is probably going to be a bit scatter brained.  Another issue I think of often is how on earth do Kobe, Federer, Woods (although not lately), Jordan, Nadal, Ronaldo and the rest of the worlds best athletes bring it every single night?  These guys listed above are a special breed and have God given talents but more importantly are on some other crazy level in focus.  I have so much respect for every athlete that can preform with thousands of monkey's on their back....or millions of critics.

A lot of times when I get to the gym it is like the twilight zone.  It feels like I was just there not an hr ago.  When you play 6 days a week the one day you have off goes by so fast.  Its hard to motivate for training every day.  I have to be honest that there are a lot of days when we start jogging for warm up that I have to talk myself into wanting to practice and know that I am not in the gym for only myself.  If I don't play hard I am letting down the other 11 or so guys that are there also...And if another guy on our team is not training hard then they are letting me down.  I always tell myself "you are here already.  You have to be here so you might as well make the most out of it".  Of course there are days that it is difficult to go hard because of injuries and soreness.  This is the only exception in my opinion.  Getting on the court in training should all be about focus on improving or fine tuning.  If you go about it this way then all the worries that you have outside of the court will disappear until you get home.  At least this is the way I feel.

Hard work does pay off... And even if you are not playing your best,  work hard and show your teammates that you are trying.  They can't be mad at you.  If you are not spiking well then focus on blocking.  Not blocking well, focus on defense...etc.

My two cents.


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