Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pug Life!

If you're not a pug fan...I hope you will be after seeing these pictures.


  1. best blog post ever!!!!! love these guys. and our lil guy.

  2. Pugs have breathing problems as do most of "man-made" breeds (i.e. dogs that are a product of deliberate cross-breeding by humans). "Man-made" breeds are easily recognizable because usually they don't have a snout (i.e. their nose is pushed against their face, e.g. pugs, bulldogs, etc.). "Original (primitive) dogs" (i.e. dogs that descent from wolves) have a proper snout (e.g. Siberian huskies, German Shepherds, etc.)
    Still, pugs are very cute, in a gremlin sort of way(;-).
    Best of luck to Hercules, but keep an eye on his breathing.


  3. Hey C. I love my puppy's snout and his snoring.