Friday, October 22, 2010

So fresh and so clean

We had a lady come and clean our apartment today for the first time since living here.  One of our assistant coaches brought over our new house cleaner around 10 this morning.  Brett, Kristin and I figured we would get out of her way while she went to work so we decided to head over to IKEA to pick up a few fixing for the place.  We are intending on having visitors for the entire month of November and want to make it as comfortable as possible for them.  One can only take so much of Ikea however and by the third section of the store my knee's and back were pretty tired.  Word of advice for those that need to go to Ikea: have a plan of attack and keep moving.

After Ikea we headed over to a restaurant for lunch and coffee called Casual Living thinking we would be able to be back after the house cleaner was done and gone...nope.  This lady went to town!  She doesn't speak any English so the communication was limited to "nie and ohi" which means yes and no in Greek.  I'm pretty sure I spelled no wrong but you get the point.  She was here another 3 hours the place is sparkling.  Feels so good to have a clean house!


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